White Gold Pendants

White Gold Pendants
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White Gold Pendants

Is white gold real gold?

White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal (usually nickel, silver, or palladium). Like yellow gold, the purity of white gold is given in karats. The properties of white gold vary depending on the metals used and their proportions.

Is white gold worth more than gold?

Not only that – rhodium also makes white gold more durable by covering the softer yellow gold alloy with an additional protective layer. Since rhodium is expensive, it can add to the price of white gold jewelry and make it more expensive than yellow gold pieces.

Is Platinum better than white gold?

Compared to platinum, white gold is generally more likely to cause damage due to the use of alloys. However, white gold is a much lighter metal than platinum, which may suit those who do not desire heavy metals in their rings.

Application of alloys of white gold for the wares of jewelers, as an alternative to more dear platinum, is known from the 20th.

More than half of the people think that the quality of White Gold Pendants depends on the color of this metal, but it quite not so.

Quality of jeweler good depends quite not on a color, and not the alloy of gold, that ligature – his test or carat, as she is yet named.

Ligature – it and there is an alloy of White Gold Pendants with other metals that help to do White Gold Pendants decorations more durable and steady to the scratches.

To destroy all incorrect ideas about white gold pendants I would like to be divided the knowledge about this noble metal.

White Gold Pendants is an alloy on the basis of gold, by appearance reminding platinum. At the making of White Gold Pendants use gold 375, 583, or 750 tests with addition in different combinations of platinum, palladium, silver, nickel, and zinc.

White Gold Pendants

Colouring of White Gold Pendants in white color is carried out by a nickel and palladium. A lump sum makes to 64%, the yellow disappears.

One of the advantages of white gold is the promoted firmness to corrosion and hardness of the metal.

For today new alloys in which as a bleaching constituent additionally use manganese or chrome and iron are developed also. In these alloys palladium either is not contained or his stake is maximum small.

For them the labored plastic deformation and workability are characteristic. In addition, there are problems with receipt of intensive white color of wares in many cases.

Dimmings and chappy surfaces have to be corrected by mixing. Presently jewelers experiment with black and blue gold. Exact composition and technology of receipt of such rare alloys remain the secrets of firms, openings them.

In the USA there are a few companies which are specialized in the sale of wares from quality white gold.

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Some Insights on White Gold Jewelry

Everyone wishes to own Gold Jewelry simply because they are the epitome of all forms of embellishments.

However, due to the pricey price tags, Gold jewelry is known for, many people opt for silver, gold, or platinum necklaces, bracelets, and even anklets, and then accessorize these with White Gold pendants.

The nice thing with Gold-based pendants is that they can be worn comfortably to both formal and nonformal occasions.

When you look around you will discover that the White Gold pendant white gold is a favorite of the masses well ahead of the yellow gold, platinum, or sterling silver settings.

This is simply because white gold has a unique and special way of complementing the colorless hue and sparkling nature of golds.

There are several fantastic White Gold pendant white gold styles and these include the heart, key, journey, curved heart, ribbon heart, tag heart, cross and circle shapes and peace sign, knot, and medallion styles among others.

For all these styles many people go for the bezel setting of the Gold and this is because the white gold collar or rim around the Gold makes the stone look larger in appearance and it also secures the stone thus protecting it from loss or damage.

Of course, a lot of care and technique is employed in realizing the bezel setting and this is to ensure that the stone is not excessively covered, which would then prevent a sufficient amount of light from going through the stone effectively affecting its brilliance.

One may also like the solitaire White Gold Pendant pendant white gold setting option. In this setting, the stone is held in place by four or six prongs.

White Gold Pendants

This means that plenty of light can penetrate the Golds thus bringing out their fire. The stone is however sufficiently secured as compared to the bezel option.

Solitaires work fantastically with single stones because they have the most desirable way of making a stone the center of focus.

The heart/love shape Gold pendant white gold setting works well with a three-Gold stone theme to clearly bring out the past, present, and future love effect.

Journey pendants carry five or seven stones of increasing size, with the smallest at the top and the largest at the bottom of the pendant.

The curved heart shape pendant style features one side carrying nine stones of increasing size up to the base. The cross pendant normally carries four stones with one on each arm of the crucifix.

The price of a white gold pendant is largely dependent on the 4Cs of carat, color, cut, and clarity.

The carat weight of the white gold also comes into play, in addition to the exclusivity of the pendant’s shape, size, and the number of stones involved.

All these factors mean that the price range is rather wide and thus one can find something enchantingly beautiful which is within his/her budget.

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