Princess Cut Diamond

Princess Cut Diamond
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Princess-Cut Diamond

On the off chance that you’ve looked for diamonds previously, you’ve most likely run over a princess cut diamonds. The princess cut is one of the different precious stone shapes that are presently accessible.

Similar to the case with different shapes, there are different variables that are explicit to the princess that imminent purchasers ought to consistently consider.

By acquainting yourself with the issues that relate to the princess, you can prepare yourself to settle on the most educated choice conceivable, and subsequently get the best an incentive for your cash when making a buy.

What are princess cut diamonds?

Princess diamonds have been around since 1960 when they were first presented by A. Nagy of London.

The princess is a blended cut, implying that it shares practically speaking certain components of step cuts (square or rectangular precious stone shapes, for example, the emerald cut and the Asscher cut) just as a portion of the qualities of the norm round splendid cut.

The princess has interesting, adjusted corners that distend somewhat from the body of the precious stone.

The features, while likewise special in arrangement, are nearer to those of round splendid diamonds, and this implies that princess cuts can regularly have a similar kind of shimmer and splendor that make round diamonds so mainstream.

Princess diamonds, as most other non-round diamonds, can differ in measurements, in spite of the fact that the princess will in general hold fast to a moderately tight reach in this regard.

Most princesses have a length to width proportion of 1.0, implying that they are square fit as a fiddle, however their length-width can go up to about 1.2, giving the jewel a somewhat more rectangular shape.

The most exceptional thing about the princess is its general shape. The corners, which extend out marginally from the remainder of the jewel, consider extraordinary prospects as far as settings.

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What makes the princess cut diamonds uncommon?

Since the corners are adjusted, they are not as simple to harm as the sharp closures or corners of some other jewel shapes, in spite of the fact that harm is as yet a worry for princess cut diamonds with generally low profile quality.

Despite the fact that the princess is basically square fit as a fiddle, it varies from other square or rectangular cuts like the emerald and Asscher cuts in that it generally has more modest aspects, which are more much the same as those of round diamonds.

This implies that, dissimilar to with the progression cuts, the lucidity of the princess isn’t generally featured.

Accordingly, purchasers don’t need to confine themselves to diamonds with, especially high lucidity grades.

Likewise, while with some jewel shapes that change long width proportion there can be issues with diamonds at the sequential limits, princesses are commonly alluring whether or not they are entirely square or rectangular.

So, princess diamonds consolidate the radiance and splendor of round diamonds with the style of step cuts.

This clarifies why the princess is presently viewed as one of the most elegant cuts and is for most merchants the second-most elevated vender after the round splendid.

What would it be advisable for me to search for in princess cut diamonds?

The suggested affirmation grades for princess diamonds are commonly equivalent to those suggested for round diamonds.

This implies that you can frequently get a generally excellent incentive with diamonds that have a cut rating of “Good,” a clearness evaluation of SI1 or SI2, a shading evaluation of G, and a carat weight in the zone of 1.

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How to Buy a Princess Cut Diamond

Of all types of diamond cuts, Princess cut diamonds come second in popularity compared to the all-time favorite round diamonds. It is a very popular choice as an engagement ring diamond due to its brilliance and unique cut.

To buy a princess cut diamond some guidance from an expert or at least extensive research is needed as it requires some minimum standards to be met to make a good purchase.

As with all other jewelry shopping, the secret to buying an ideal princess cut diamond fitting your needs requires that you seek the services of a reputable jeweler.

Also, find a jeweler with a large selection of princess cut diamonds.

When it comes to buying princes-cut diamonds, traditional parameters applied to round diamonds in buying diamonds differ somewhat and you need to review the 4Cs in a different light.

The 4Cs are of course Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.


Like in round diamonds, the Cut in Princess cut diamond is just as critical or even more so in bringing out the brilliant allure of the diamond.

Therefore it is important to look for a high-grade cut as even an insignificant single downgrade can completely alter the brilliance of the princess cut diamond.

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Opinions vary, however, an ideal cut should come within the following proportions

Total depth – 62 % – 73 %
Table size – 65 % – 75 %
Polish – Excellent to Good
Symmetry – Excellent to Very Good
Length width ratio – 1.0 – 1.05 is ideal.
Crown height – 8 – 13 %

Compared to a round diamond cut which gives the best at the 3 attributes of brightness, fire, and scintillation a princes diamond of similar quality does not match up to it. But with round diamonds about 40% is realized


Recommended higher color rating of H or I range as it does not match up to round brilliant in hiding its true color.

Higher that H rating is not really necessary as the incremental increase does not show to the naked eye and is not worth the considerable increase in price.


Choosing a clarity rating in the range of an ‘eye-clean’ diamond (SI clarity rating) will suffice and is good value.

However, a word of warning here is that the inclusions do weaken the diamond and the princess cut diamonds are more vulnerable to chipping especially if inclusions are at edges.


Most people tend to evaluate diamond size by viewing it from the top when it is set in a ring.

Princes diamond cut has a large flat surface and it looks exceptionally bigger than a similar carat round diamond. So you can get away with a lower carat size and still have the diamond look exceptionally large.


Princess cut gives a balance between the practical aspects of maintaining a raw diamond carat value at the same time providing a brilliant cut.

Princess cut generally gives a conversion rate of about 80 % (1.0-carat raw diamond produces 0.80 carats finished diamond) this in turn translates into a higher carat value for your money.

Recommended Setting

Princess cut diamonds generally look best when set in white gold or platinum settings.

The princess cut diamonds requires four-pronged settings and since it is square-shaped, the four edges must be protected by these prongs as they are prone to chipping even if the edges are cropped.

Princess Cut Diamond

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