How To Buy The Most Beautiful Marquise Diamond

Marquise Diamond
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How To Buy The Most Beautiful Marquise Diamond

The marquise cut diamond is one of the most elegant and traditional diamond shapes. Marquise Thin has fine, sharp tips.

Marquise is a heavier stone than many others, while a thicker diamond will produce a round brilliant diamond of a certain size, when cut in a marquise shape it generally produces a diamond up to 50% larger in carats. I will do it.

The Marquise Cut is considered an “elegant cut diamond” and the shape is similar to a soccer ball. It is called the “Marquis” because King Louis XIV of France cut diamonds in this shape to see the shape of the mouth of his beloved Marquis de Pompadour.

Marquise has the largest or largest diamond crown area, which helps give the illusion that the diamond is actually larger than it is.

This allows you to buy a small stone and still maintain the perception of the large one. Also, the diamond shape makes the finger shape appear longer and thinner.

Marquise diamonds are considered the best with a width ratio of approximately 2: 1 (the best range is considered to be 1: 75: 1 to 2.25: 1). Anything below or above those numbers will start to appear narrow or skinny or squat and fat.

A marquis stone cut must be very precise and symmetrical. The pointed tips should also face each other. If they are a little further apart, the diamond will be lost after being fully tilted and set in a ring.

When buying diamonds online, it can be difficult to assess problems that can be considered flaws in the diamond. They can be difficult to assess from a single spec page. Here are some things to pay attention to.

How To Buy The Most Beautiful Marquise Diamond

Something to be careful about when purchasing a Marquise diamond. You must be careful with a thin girdle. If the girdle is too thin, it will be prone to peeling.

In addition, when installing marquise diamonds, care must be taken to protect the tips of the diamonds, as they are usually the most exposed and are very impressive.

The best way to protect them is to use a frame that has V-shaped tips. When V-shaped tips cover the tips, internal defects (inclusions), which are at the ends, can be ignored as they will be covered by the tips and will not be visible.

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Regarding the recommended color range of Marquise diamonds, one has a little more flexibility with Marquise. As always, it is difficult to give an objective guide on the diamond’s preferred color level, as it is a very subjective rating.

Some people prefer to look colorless or almost colorless, and others prefer a slightly warmer “warm” color form on the stone.

However, the generally accepted range for carp is that the best colors are up to the GH range, many of which are actually warmer and cooler than the more colorful levels and warmer than the “icy” levels and prefer warm color levels.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that when the diamond is a large diamond, sometimes the shells will appear a little darker at the tips.

How To Buy The Most Beautiful Marquise Diamond

If buying a large marquee diamond, one might consider increasing the color grade up to one level, such as choosing color G instead of H, or F instead of G.

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A last but not least concern is the “bow tie effect.” The bow tie is quite common in long diamond shapes. It is a dark stain that extends from the cross of the diamond to the other side in the shape of a bow tie.

The bow tie effect occurs when the skins are not aligned correctly. When the light is turned off due to an incorrect calculation of the facets, the appearance of a dark area in the shape of a bow is created.

The bow tie can appear strong or very light, depending on how bad the facets are and how much light escapes rather than refracts.

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Why You Should Buy a Marquise Diamond Ring

If you are looking for stylish and elegant diamond rings to give to your beloved, then you should advisably explore the options available in marquise diamonds.

There is some history behind these diamonds. In eighteenth-century France, King Luis XIV ordered diamonds to be cut in a shape that resembled the smiling lips of his lover, Marquise de Pompadour.

The cut so resulted came to be known as the Marquise cut. The shape of a marquise diamond is that of an oval stone with pointed ends.

Due to the romantic history behind this style of stone, they are really popular diamonds, especially as the central stone in engagement rings.

There are other peculiar advantages of a marquise diamond ring as well. Firstly, when worn on a finger, the cut makes the finger appear more slender and beautiful.

This does not happen with the traditional rounded cut. Secondly, this cut results in a higher carat weight, which can be as much as fifty percent. Anyway, marquise cut diamonds seem to have more carat than they actually have.

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Why You Should Buy a Marquise Diamond Ring

Thirdly, this cut of diamonds is less expensive than the traditional round cut. This makes marquise rings more affordable.

Lastly, these diamond looks and contrasts well with other gemstones and other cuts in diamonds. This makes possible a large variation in the design of the rings.

There are certain things that one needs to consider while buying a marquise diamond ring. To begin with, it is important that the ends of the diamond are protected by prongs.

This is necessary since the ends are delicate and, without prongs, they are very vulnerable to damage. One must also try to buy a ring that has a minimum bow-tie effect.

This effect refers to the slightly blackened area in the middle of the diamond. Though a diamond is not as brilliant as a round shaped diamond, still finding a diamond that has the maximum brilliance should be one’s priority.

While buying a ring with a marquise diamond, one must carefully examine the cut for any irregularities, as a cut that is not precise enough might not give you the desired look.

It is highly advisable that one checks the different designs and compare prices available on the Internet in marquise diamond rings.

One can also make one’s purchases online if one is able to find good deals. While making your purchases, make sure that you check if any warranty is offered by the company or not.

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